Bwiti de Fangs

Bwiti ritual essentials, the zither and rootbark.

We are the best canadian distributor of Bwiti de Fang sustainably harvested, and ceremonial blessed Iboga rootbark, minimum 30 years old.This is the highest quality, ethically harvested sacred Iboga available. I accept small orders, bulk orders etc. 9- 15 dollars per gram depending on the age of the rootbark, 30 yr old , 34 yr old or 47 year old ceremonially blessed to protect your journey rootbark ( highly recommended). For comparison, I found the only Iboga available in the Toronto area and the seller said it was 7 yr old rootbark. 7 yr rootbark isnt even considered old enough to ingest for us....,

 Bulk orders should inquire, -  minimum for a bulk order is 500 grams. Bulk orders up to kilograms are available for Iboga service providers

 Also available are ritual instruments essential to Bwitist ceremony pictured above and below, music recordings and cult videos.

The zither or "jungle harp" is essential to the bwitist initiation ceremony & seven different zithers are utilized during the initiation ritual. They are priced at 600 usd each, full sets are available. Considering this is hand carved objective art it is a worthwhile investment as well as a sacred object of great beauty.

We are organizing trips for 2023, to Camaroon to receive initiation  . Iboga ceremony is also available in the Southern Ontario area as well. contact for info.

Please help the people of the forest by contacting me to make a donation, purchase iboga rootbark or the sacred art or inquire about receiving healing. .We guarantee fast and discrete shipping of your rootbark or sacred art.


 Blessings of peace dearest ones. May you be connected on a channel of love to the elevated unbroken Ancestors. May any good energy created by these efforts be channeled towards the alleviation of the suffering of the absolute, and for the real benefit and liberation of all sentient beings everywhere........ without exception.