Sunrise practise


DAILY MORNING SHAMANIC PRACTICE. May any good energy created by these small efforts be for the real benefit and liberation of all sentient beings everywhere without exception.
 Daily morning practice 
On awakening; As you cross the bridge from sleeping dreams to waking dreams become aware of mother earth holding and supporting you, lean into this sensation, connect with it throughout the day. Feel the strong beating of your heart. Another day to live love and learn.
 Inner smile. 
Feeling supported, connect with smiling energy, actually smiling your biggest smile. Smile and connect to the heart,  Smile and connect with the spleen and stomach. Smile and connect with the lungs. Smile down to the kidneys feeling warmth. Smile to the liver and gall bladder. Now gather all the smiling energy at your third eye area . Smile to the mouth and gums, moving your tongue around your mouth. Gather some saliva and swallow in three gulps. Follow the smiling energy down to the stomach. Smile to the stomach, small intestines , large intestine to the anus. Gather the smiling energy once again at your mid brow. Smile to the eyes, eyes smiling. Move the smile back through the optic nerve into the brain. Feel the brain relax and smile. Smile down the spine. Move the smiling energy out through all the nerves that exit the spine into every cell of your body. Picture every cell in your body, with a beaming happy face. Staying connected to the smiling energy, immediately make a water offering to the elevated unbroken ancestors on a simple altar. Become present and offer a glass of water while saying, My name is _________, I am of the _____ and ______ families ( mothers maiden name and fathers surname). I make this offering of water and love to my elevated unbroken ancestors. I am your child. I ask for power protection and guidance. Thank you for coming to my aid. Following this sit for 10 minutes in deepest stillness, silence and spaciousness, just listening. At sunset one can offer a lit candle. By doing this on a daily basis you will start to develop a personal relationship with yourself on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic ( spiritual) levels. Peace be with you