Sacred Iboga Rootbark

Ethically harvested by the peoples of the forest, and blessed in sacred ceremonies.

What is Sacred Iboga?
Sacred Iboga is a sacrement of the Bwiti de Fang.
It is a  sacrament in which spiritual power is believed to be transmitted through material elements.
Sacred Iboga is a sacrament for initiation into the mysteries and as such it is beyond words and models. A sacrament is commonly defined as consisting of a visible sign of invisible grace in which spiritual power is believed to be transmitted through material elements. These are held to produce grace in the soul of the recipient by the very performance of the sacramental act (ex opere operato); the recipient need only have the right intention.
Sacred Iboga is classified by some as a "power plant", a superconscious entity capable of guiding human evolution. Power Plants seem to use power to lift our burdens and can give us real education that produces a verifiable change of attitude. They can heal and empower if approached correctly. Approaching power plants naively in the wrong setting can be disastrous or fatal.
Sacred Iboga has become known in the west as a psycho-therapeutic tool with miraculous effectiveness in difficult addiction and sexual abuse cases. Underground use of Sacred Iboga is mainly centered around quiting smoking, heroin, cocaine, crack, pills methadone, and etc.. The reason for this is that the grace of this sacrament includes removing withdrawal symptoms and urges to relapse. Some have, perhaps naively, called sacred Iboga a cure for addiction. This is just a small part of the reality though. The addicted person must be determined to quit and make long term efforts after the peak experience with Sacred Iboga.
Sacred Iboga has also been proven by neuro-physiologists (who ironically set out to debunk sacred iboga) to somehow reset much of the brain system to a pre-addicted level. There is much ongoing legitimate scientific and medical research occurring with the sacrament Iboga. Some of the third and forth generation isolated compounds and alkaloids etc. are showing promise against h.i.v. and hep c.!
The Sacred Iboga cults of africa have an already existing tried and tested sacred technology for working with this Sacred Mystery. In this culture if a person hasn't been initiated into Sacred Iboga's Mysteries they are not an adult, they have not been matured. I believe we westerners desperately need to learn to learn from them how to approach this holy sacrament.

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